Make up for Special Occasions
Here you can look through useful make up tips for special occasions. Discover how to apply make up correctly for the hen party, blind date and wedding anniversary.
Make up for Special Occasions

Make up Tips for Hen Party
On the fun girls nights before the wedding day the bride and her friends can try on various make up styles for celebrating special events. Here is an example of make up for the Hen Party.

makeup_occasion_1Tools needed for creating Hen Party make up:
1. Concealer
2. Foundation
3. Powder
4. Smoky grey eye shadow
5. Black mascara
6. Shimmering white eyeshadow
7. Black pencil eye liner
8. Dark tone pencil lip liner
9. Lip gloss
10. Peach blusher

Applying Hen Party Make up
1. Cover all problem spots on your face with concealer.

2. Choose a foundation which is a tone lighter than your natural skin color. Don't forget to blend it down the jaw line and neck to avoid the mask look.

3. Apply eye-shadow. Give the preference to a light tone of eye shadow  in order that your eyes don't look like a raccoon.

4. Spread the translucent face powder over your whole face and neck.

5. Your eye brows should be shaped.  Comb the line up at the beginning and downwards towards the end so that your eyes could look down turn.

6. Line your eyes with black eye liner and end it shortly before you reach the outer corner of your eyes.

7. Allow your liquid eye liner to dry and apply the gray eye shadow  concentrating the color on the inner corner of your eyes. Then eye shadow should be blended out smoothly towards the other end.

8. Then apply gray eye shadow to the outer corner of your eyes and blend it inwards for your lower eye rim.

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