Mermaid Makeup
Here you can find useful tips how to create the make up for underwater beauty. Learn several easy tricks of doing mermaid makeup; follow them step-by-step to do it correctly.
Mermaid Makeup
mermeid_makeupIt is not as much difficult at all to achieve ethereal mermaid makeup. There exist several easy tricks of doing it, and you should also remember that once you have chosen down pat, you are good to do!
You will be able to have much fun at Halloween or any other party, or even simply for a great photo shoot with the girls, being a mermaid.

So, in order to begin applying your makeup, you will have to select your fin and tail. As a rule they are green, blue or greenish blue, although, you may choose any color you like. There is one thing, which is necessary to keep in mind; however, it is necessary that your bikini top would match your tail, unless you are using shells as a top. And, moreover, it will only be better if you match your makeup to the tail and bikini top you are going to wear.

And in case if you are going to have shells, applied to your breast, then they are to be of some natural color, or, which is also quite possible, they would match your tail. Remember, either way would be fine, and everything you need is simply to have your entire overlook blend and flow.

So, here are the steps of the mermaid makeup application process:

First of all you should have the foundation applied to your face as usual. As for the blush, it would be good to apply as little of it as possible, and keep to lighter and softer colors, such as pale pink. Anyway, no matter which colors you prefer, you are to keep in mind that it is necessary to have soft, watery and slightly pale appearance.

You will have to select such a color of eye shadow, which would match your tail. It is possible to apply the eye shadow in any format you like; moreover, you can switch your imagination on here.

While applying your eye makeup, you can keep it as simple as possible, having put only a soft wash of color to your eye lids, and finish your look with the help of some darker eye liner and mascara, or, which would also look good enough, you can be inventive and try some of the dramatic eye makeup ideas. Any pattern would be good here, and all kinds of ideas, such as stripes, dots, swirls, rainbows can be applied. You can also apply only one matching color, or several of them. Therefore, it would be better to keep one color dominant and apply only touches of other coordinating shades.

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