Marie Antoinette Look
If you want to appear at the costume party as Marie Antoinette and you don't know how to apply make up correctly browse through these useful steps which can help you achieve the Marie Antoinette look.
Marie Antoinette Look

1. With a large-sized make up brush dust baby powder over your entire face, neck and arms to achieve a powdered 18th century look. Extremely pale face was popular at that period so you should go for a realy white tone of the powder.

2. Cover your eyebrows with dark brown eyeshadow using an angle make up brush which is helpful in creating dramatic arches.

marie_antoinette3. Take a taupe or a very light eyeshadow and swipe it in a crescent shape above the creases of your eyes to contour them.

4. Apply one coat of black mascara on the upper lashes to make your appearance more flirty and feminine. For more dramatic look use fake lashes.

5. A deep plum powder should be applied on the apples of your cheeks to highlight them.

6. A lipstick should be put on with a smal-sized make up brush. Begin at the center of your mouth and then blend it out to soften the edges. Give the preference to red lipstick.

* Costume. You can look for the appropriate costume in the vintage stores. Here you can find elegant jewelry, a fringed shawl, and a gown (or simply wear an old prom dress).

* Hair style: Your hair can be powdered with a baby powder or find a wig and powder it.

Note! It is crucial not to go overboard with your make up. Your aim is to  imitate Marie Antoinette, not Ronald McDonald.

Essential Make up Tools for This Look:
* Makeup brushes

* Baby Powder

* Dark brown eyeshadow

* Taupe or a very light colored eyeshadow

* Black Mascara

* Deep plum powder blush

* Red Lipstick