Makeup of the 1930's
Here you can find useful tips for make up of the 1930ís. Browse through the creative ideas and get to know how to apply it correct.
Makeup of the 1930's

make up_1930sIs there anything better than being someone you are not, but you wish you were? And a starlet would be the best place to start. And it is quite possible that you would get amazed by the results. Thus, you can try to base your makeup on a film star right out of the thirties.

Foundation: you should try to find a foundation, which goes with a little sparkle. Therefore, in case if you fail to do that, do not get upset, as it is quite possible simply to add a pinch of special cosmetic grate glitter to the foundation, you usually apply.

Concealer: there is no doubt, that no matter what the makeup artists applied in the thirties, but starlet’s complexions always look flawless. Thus, in case if you require having concealer applied, you should do it with the help of a foundation brush.

Shading and highlighting: there is no special necessity to apply any of them, therefore, in case if you want your nose look thinner or your jawline wider, you can try it, however, it would be rather difficult to achieve.

Eye liner: liquid type of eyeliner would be the best choice. And with the help of it you should draw a fine line along the natural line of your lashes.

Mascara: in order to create the necessary appearance, you should have your lashes curled and then apply the lengthening type of mascara to the top as well as to the bottom lashes. Make sure to emphasize top and bottom lashes equally.

Eye brows: it is necessary to mention that brows were very thin during the thirties. And there exists only one way to have these copied – it is with the help of an eyebrow wax, which is followed by a sealer. You should let your brows get dry and then pain over the brow with foundation. This should cover the “old brows” completely. Apply some powder and then draw in the brow of the thirties, which basically consisted of one thin line, arching over the eyes and then dropping in a gentle way. It should also be noted, that in most cases makeup artists use a bar of soap, with the help of which the brows are kept in place before a layer of wax is applied.

Eye shadow: as for the eye shadow, it should be as close to the natural skin tone, as possible. As a rule it is an apricot tint. Therefore, for an evening makeup one can also use some darker brown or even gray – black eye shadow to have it smudged into the crease area.

Blush: either a bright pink or some tawny shade should be applied over the cheekbones. However, everything depends on the skin tone. While applying the thirties makeup, remember, that blending, blending and blending – this is what important.

Lipstick: one should draw a careful line with the help of a special lip brush. After that the lips are to be colored with some matte lipstick for a daywear and with some glossy one for some evening occasion. In order to have the lipstick longer on the lips, it is possible to blot the lips and then have it applied one more time.

And, the last thing about those far – away thirties: it is also possible to get the hands on some platinum blonde wig, which would be the finishing appearance touch.