Madonna's Makeup
Browse through these useful steps which can help you to achieve the Madonna’s look. Learn these tricks and they will help you to apply your make up correctly.
Madonna's Makeup
madonna4_6_01There is no doubt that this woman has an innate coolness and verve; therefore, what really makes Madonna so much intriguing is her so – to – say “chameleonlike” ability to get transformed, which through the great media machine practically every person has already become a witness of. And here is how to replicate the appearance of this pop music star.

Step 1. You should neaten your eyebrows up by having brushed them in an upward direction with the help of some firm – bristled brow brush. After that, using soft strokes, it is necessary to sketch in any sparse places with a sharp ash – blonde pencil liner.

Step 2. Put some ecru – beige eye shadow across your entire lie with the help of your fingertips. After you have done that dab a little bit of the eye shadow under the arch or your eyebrows.

Step 3. Now you can use a rounded fluff shadow brush, with the help of which it is possible to place a smoky heather eye shadow across, as well as into the crease of your eyelids. It is necessary to diffuse the color by keeping blending back and forth up until you have achieved a soft and hazy wash of color.

Step 4. Using the same smoky heather tone, which you have already applied at the crease, you should make a soft line across the lower perimeter of your lash line with the help of a pointed liner brush.

Step 5. Now the time to draw a superskinny line all the way across the rim of the upper lash line has come. What you are to do is to try to aim the tip right at the roots of your lash line. It is also necessary to keep in mind that although the line is to be as thin as possible, it should also be deep, this is why you may want to apply two or even three extremely fine lines.

Step 6. Make your upper lashes curled, and after that apply a deep brown volumizing mascara in a careful way through the upper lashes beginning from root to the very tip.

Step 7. Holding the mascara wand in a vertical position, you will have to brush through the lower lashes with brown lengthening mascara in an extremely gentle way in order to achieve that long and feathery look of Madonna.

madonnas_lookStep 8. Do not forget to apply some extremely emollient facial lotion. You should pay great attention to the areas, such as under the eyes as well as around the lips, which may become extra dry.

Step 9. Apply a sheer liquid foundation to the entire area of your face. This is necessary to do in order to obscure any possible ruddiness or darkness, which may appear. And it is especially important to apply foundation to such areas as the sides of the nose and chin. The foundation is to be applied with the fingertips, and it is to be blended out in light and even strokes.

Step 10. Apply some sheer coral – pink cheek tint to the apples of your cheeks. This is to do be done with your fingertips as well and in small circular motions. The cheek tint is to be blended in an upward direction toward the cheekbones.

Step 11. In order to set and lightly diffuse the foundation and cheek color, you can dip a full – headed powder brush into some translucent matte blotting powder, than shake any excess powder off and sweep across the areas of your cheeks, forehead and chin in a careful way.

Step 12. With the help of a fine – pointed lip brush, you should apply some coral – rose stain to your lips. After you have it on, blot with a tissue and put another layer on.