Makeup for Graveyard Fairy
If you are getting for a Graveyard Fairy browse through these useful tricks which can help you create your make up correctly.
Makeup for Graveyard Fairy

It is possible to get the entire costume, or one can also brainstorm for the own version of a “Graveyard Fairy”. How can that be done? As usually, begin with a piece of paper, where you will have a chance to create your own version, you can apply everything, which would only come in mind, but basically the costume usually consists of a dress with a jagged hemline. The bodice laces up and it will look better, if paired with a pair of “glovettes”. And, finally a pair of detachable wings – and you are ready to have some haunting. This gorgeous costume, of no doubt, should be paired with somewhat a little bit “deadly” makeup, and one will be completely ready to the Halloween party.

Complimentary Makeup

Thus, you have decided to appear as a haunting the neighbourhood graveyard fairy, and here come the list of makeup colors and accessories, which are considered to compliment the costume.

Foundation: it is necessary to choose the palest shade of the foundation, because the point is to denote illness, or, which would be more appropriate for the case – death. It is even possible to add some gray eye shadows to the foundation.

As for concealer, it is not necessary to apply any, unless someone really wishes.

Eye Liner: it is what you get to play with you Graveyard Fairy look makeup. Your entire appearance is rather colorless (which is OK for the case) moreover, it provides the emphasis on your deathly look; therefore, with the help of a heavy hand, put on your eyeliner, you will be able to show the world that YOUR Graveyard Fairy have given up her love for makeup quite yet.

Eye Shadow: it is possible to apply hot pink eye shadows, which will provide the impression of fever.

Shading: a touch of blue and purple eye shadow should better be applied into the area beneath the eyes and cheekbones. It is also possible to have a touch around the nostrils, which will only contribute to the ghostly figure appearance. Therefore, it should be mentioned that one is to be sure not to go overboard with the abovementioned colors, it is necessary to keep in mind that the aim of the makeup is to provide a deathly look, which is rather colorless. Greasepaint is usually used, however, special makeup kits at Halloween provide people with all the colors they need.

Blush: none.

Lipstick: an intense blue lipstick shade would be the best choice for this Halloween makeup. It is possible to find this color in special Halloween makeup kits somewhere around the Halloween season. The lipstick should be worked into the natural lip lines to provide the impression of multiple cracks. 
Eye Brows: it is necessary to make your eyebrows emphasized. One can do it with the help of a little maintenance and then simply add some color, in case if necessary, of course.