Useful Info about Gothic Makeup
Educate yourself how to make gothic makeup correctly. Browse through these information and find out useful tips for you.
Useful Info about Gothic Makeup
You should remember that being goth does not mean only wearing black clothes. In case if you are dressing goth – like, your gothic makeup plays just as important role as your outfit. If it is not done in appropriate way, your entire look will be ruined. It should also be pointed out that Gothic has nothing in common with being goth, because Gothic is just a type of clothing and castle design. And it has nothing to do with all that black makeup, boots and writing depressing poetry. Gothic is not Goth, Dracula along with his castle are gothic, and not this makeup guide.

So, what is important in putting Gothic makeup? First of all, you should have such makeup ingredients as:

 Black eyeliner;
 Black mascara;
 gothic_makeup_01Black nail polish;
 Cotton swabs;
 Eyebrow brush (it usually looks like a tiny comb);
 Eye shadow (you should have shades of light, medium and dark);
 Hair die;
 Large makeup brushes;
 Lip liner;
 Liquid foundation;
 Powder foundation, which would be one or even two shades paler than your natural skin tone;
 Sponges (the ones, which are wedge shaped would be the best decision);
 White eye shadow.

So, before you begin to apply your gothic makeup on, you will have to make sure that you have all the abovementioned makeup ingredients in your tool box.

Start with Whiteface makeup

All good gothic makeup tips tell you that whiteface does not mean using white cake makeup at all. The main goal of white face is to make your face look pale. And quite not everyone can pull this look off. In case if your skin is dark from nature, you will have to have all the areas of your skin covered, in order to make it look right. You should only go one or two shades paler than your own skin tone in order to make it look more natural.

It would also be extremely important to make sure that the base you apply is of a good quality. And, remember about the fact that your natural skin tone must be covered completely; this is why you will have to smooth the base evenly around your face and neck.

Your eyes are a center point

In order to pull off a true gothic look, it is necessary to accent your eyes perfectly. This also includes your eyebrows, upper eyes and eyeliner.

Your eyebrows are to be groomed perfectly

There is no secret that our eyebrows are a visual point on our face. This is why it is extremely important to have your eyebrows plucked and create the perfect shape before beginning to paint them. It should be noted, that this is true for any type of makeup, and not only for the Gothic one. As for the gothic shape of eyebrows, however, a perfect arch would be recommended.

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