Gothic Makeup Tips
Check a few gothic makeup tips for your perusal, but follow them only if you really have the true attitude of a Goth.
Gothic Makeup Tips

Goth is an attitude more than a makeup.

When the real spirit is there, whatever you do as far as the makeup is concerned, it will automatically fall in line with the spirit.

If it is the other way round, your gothic makeup tips that you got, will be mocking at your own self!

If you are not a Goth but try to look like one through wearing a gothic makeup, you will simply become a laughing stock.gothic_makeup

Gothic Makeup Tips

Try to filter out the attitude of a Goth from the following gothic makeup tips:

* First you must color your face pale, but not with a lot of white makeup.

* Use a pale foundation and apply a light color translucent powder.

* A baby powder will do the job best!

* Do not over-powder your face and do not stop your make-up at your jaw line; Try to blend it deep down your neck.

And don't let these gothic makeup tips make you a blind follower of them in a mechanical way!

* Use a black liquid eyeliner on your eyelids.

* Use a charcoal eyeliner pencil on your lips as a lip-liner too.

* Choose from amongst the most uncommon shades of lipsticks, say, a deep purple, a bright red or simply the pitch dark yet soft black that don’t shine!

Consider you don't have to follow these gothic makeup tips like a puppet!

Gothic Makeup Tips 2

That's what the Goth spirit is!
Do these gothic makeup tips teach you the spirit of the Goth?

Be creative!

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