Gothic Makeup for a Pale Complexion
Here you can read useful information how to create gothic make up correctly if you have pale complexion.
Gothic Makeup for a Pale Complexion
In case if you have a pale complexion, choosing and applying gothic makeup may become a snap for you. Therefore, it is quite possible to enhance your pale complexion with the help of some colors, which are chosen with some carefulness, as well as with the help of an impeccable makeup application, which can help you achieve t his aesthetically – pleasing gothic look, which others can not help but try to imitate.

To the makeup accessories, you may need in order to be able to apply gothic makeup for your pale complexion; the following ones may be referred:
 Eye shadow;
 Foundation brush;
 Kabuki brush;
 Loose powder;
 Lip liner;
 Liquid eyeliner;

Now, in order to apply gothic makeup, people with pale complexion should keep to the following instructions:

Step 1. you should pick the color of foundation, which would be one or even two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. It is also important to check labels for a high pigment concentration. You can also try to mix in several drops of the foundation you regularly apply with the one of some lighter shade. The result of this mixture will be a dramatically paler version of your natural skin tone.

Step 2. Dip your foundation brush into the mixture of foundations or into the lighter foundation and apply it on the skin of your face and neck in an even layer. You should blend the makeup all the way down to your neck in order to avoid any risk to get a mask – like appearance.

Step 3. Set your liquid foundation with translucent, loose powder. It is greatly advisable to apply this powder with the help of a special kabuki brush.

Step 4. In case if you are planning to be taken pictures of or if you are going to be under lots of lights, you should apply three more layers of foundation as well as powder. Remember that these extra layers will only help you stay in place and discourage any fading and smearing.

Step 5. Now comes the turn of your gothic eye makeup. In order to do it, you should line your eyes with liquid eyeliner. While doing it, it is necessary to keep in mind that gray and dark brown eyeliners would have a tendency to compliment light eyes, while black would work best for darker eyes.

Step 6. While applying eye makeup, you should decide whether you are going to use any eye shadow or not. It is possible to enhanced your look by providing you with smoky and dramatic eyes with the help of a right eye shadow. As for the people with pale skin, they should better apply some burgundy, dark grey and brown colors of eye shadows, because they provide just the right type of contrast against their pale complexion.

Step 7. Apply your lip color with the help of a lip brush. Pass up black in favour of experimenting with some interesting shades of red, purple or brown, as these are the colors, which are considered to compliment the Gothic look without seeming stereotypical. You should also remember about applying a lip liner, which is of a darker shade of your lip color in order to line your lips.