Gothic Makeup Instructions
There are lots and lots of types of gothic makeup to choose from. Find general information on the different types of makeup, and how they should be used.
Gothic Makeup Instructions

gothic_faceYou should look around for what works best for you, as done well it can look fantastic, but done badly it can look awkward and stupid. Some time before thickly applied and crudely done may seem like the best way to go, but as time passes you should learn to take your Gothness to the next level.

Previously to start, you may want to have a look at out mirrors and maby have a quick read through our fashion write-up.

Gothic Whiteface Makeup
Whiteface makeup should be applied so it creates the illusion that you really are that pale, and not look like you have just plastered your face with white paint.

A crappy base will ensure a crappy finish. Not every the most skilled gothic makeup artist can make a good job with bad tools.

A big tip is if you have dark skin, don't try to do whiteface. If you really have dark skin, and want to ignore this advice, you will need to cover all of your exposed skin areas. The only one exception to this is if you are going for a highly stylized look.

When you are applying the base, try to make sure that you do it evenly, and don't over do it!
Try to smooth it into the entire face, don't just end it at the jawline, goth makeup is great stuff, so try to use it responsibly!

Gothic Eyeliner
This is an essential item in any gothic makeup armory. It also needs to be applied subtly in many cases; big black rings smeared under the eyes are a big no. Innovation is key here to make yourself stand out, but in a good way.

In the main liquid eyeliner is far superior. You may use a very good quality pencil at a push, but this will smudge and run a lot more readily than liquid eyeliner.

Gothic Face Decoration
Keep it to a minimum: Fashions change over time, but hopefully the days of spider webs over the face, etc are long gone.

Try to remember that the old saying here should be less is more. You do not want to look like your mater has jumped you with a couple of marked pens while you were passed out on the sofa.

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