Gothic Makeup
Look here to find beauty Gothic makeup tips and unique ideas. Find out about new take on beauty combines the Gothic look and reasonable suggestions.
Gothic Makeup
New take on beauty combines the gothic look - pale skin with lashings of black eye liner - with Sixties pale lips.
If you are updating your wardrobe for the new season, don't forget to give your makeup bag a revamp too.
--The smoky eyes are the overriding theme in the majority of fashion shows.
There are two things remained constant: matte, tanless faces and pale mouths and the word "gothic" was mentioned on more than one occasion backstage.
--However, for many women, this is a look that's admired and feared in equal measure. But with a little diligence and the right products, this beauty hurdle can simply be overcome.
--First, make sure that under-eye circles are concealed.
--Dust a fine, loose powder with a soft powder brush over the face to set the skin.
--Using a pencil, line the edges of the eyes, then, using a soft eyeshadow brush, apply colour, starting at the upper outer corner, as this is where it should be darkest. Then blend along the eyelashes and along the socket lines.   
--Look straight into the mirror and keep blending. If you want to brighten, apply gold on the inner corner, and then apply some black liner next to your upper eyelashes, extending slightly at the outer corners. Then finish with a good coat of thick, black mascara.
--Consider keeping on the healthy side of gothic, if you don't want to end up looking like Marilyn Manson - don't forget some subtle blusher.
--Suggestion: to finish the look and bring the fashion shows to life, you may choose some of the wonderful nude lip colours in the Crystal Colour range at Estee Lauder, Belle De Jour by Nars or Guerlain's Beige Stross.
Black and red are two lip stick choices that are tops in the realm of gothic make up. 
There is also a product called Pigment, which is a color rich, multipurpose powder.  Since black lipstick is hard to come by, especially in quality brands, try mixing Pigment in Dark Soul (black) with a clear gloss for the perfect black lip color.
So, look forward to going from sun-kissed to smoky-eyed. It is only the one way to make pale seem oddly interesting.