Gothic Makeup Guide
Find amazement Gothic makeup guide, learn about makeup application steps to know how accentuate every feature, and find out how to create glamorous, fashionable Gothic look and a distinguished image!
Gothic Makeup Guide
Autumn Glamorous Gothic
This autumn make-up is marked with incredible variety and brightness of all details. Pros really enjoy the . For a long time make-up was used to create only an image of a real lady – wonderful, but somehow vapid.
Nowadays everything has changed. Most actual images of autumn-winter season are not vapid at all. Besides, there’re so many piquant zests in it, and we want to tell about each detail separately. Hence, we already told you about eyebrows that turned to be in favour unexpectedly, and today we offer to pay a special attention to eyes in general.
Nowadays make-up general accent is a mixture of Gothic and glam-rock returns in fashion now. And it means that a radical black color has ascended the throne.
This news shocked blondes most of all. Many of them looking at themselves in the mirror closely, tried to imagine how a brilliant shine of their light locks can be combined with “Gothic” eyes.
But, many other women are also afraid of an energetic attack of black color in actual autumn make-up. They consider it makes them look old, accentuates wrong shape of eyes or other minuses of appearance. However, you can forget about all rules and stereotypes in this season. Since, the main slogan of this season is experimenting, why not to experiment with your appearance? But who knows: may be you will find some delights in it?
  First of all we offer mention eyelashes – today they are long and thick, like never before. Lower and upper ones can be of equal length; they add languor to your look and somehow soften gloom of Gothic make-up in general. If you use false eyelashes you can increase volume with help of novelties of make-up.
Autumn season offers lots of them. For instance, Double Extension, Carbon Black mascara from L’Oreal Paris has 2 brushes, one of which applies a lengthening base on eyelashes, and second – mascara.
So, go shopping and find your exact one. Look for mascara with almond oil, which creates additional volume, and special brush, which creates a “dollish” curve. It can be patented brush iFX in Masterpiece, Rich Black mascara from Max Factor paints over eyelashes from roots to ends evenly.
There is special applicator with bristles of different length in Fibre Rich Lash.
Each of black mascara from MAC can add a surprising thickness to your eyelashes with only several light motions.

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