Gothic Eye Makeup Tips
Here you can find essential Gothic eye makeup tips, makeup applying ideas and useful advice, which will help you to create your own look.
Gothic Eye Makeup Tips

Gothic eye make up tips are not hard to find. But first, you should decide what tips you will select… You can use tips offered by other Goths or instead create your own look. Essential thing is the makeup that you select and the way to define your look.
So, if you are going for the Cleopatra look or the Ophelia look, here are some outstanding makeup tips for you to take with you.

Gothic Eye Liner
First, consider your eye liner. Here are a number of different choices.
Never mind what type of look you are after, it is likely to rely heavily on eye liner, because of the way the eye liner plays at your eye. It gives a very deep look, drawing people's attention right to your eye. Consequently, gothic eye liner is a must. About what color to choose, you do have some options.
If your eyes are a bit lighter, consider going with gray or a dark brown.
Go for black eye liner, if you want to be in traditional Goth look.
Also, think over how to put on Goth eyeliner too. It is substantial for you to be crisp and neat.
Consider, the liner should come to a sharp point next to your eye, and should be sharp, defined. It is drawing anyone attention to your eyes and provide some very amazing look.
Find also other gothic eyeliner designs to consider as well. Take some time to experiment to find the right look, since this is a very fundamental consideration for gothic eye make up.

  Other Eye Makeup
Beauty Offers
The makeup for the rest of your face should be defined as well. Most are fond of the pale skin look and will use white foundation covering the face.  Concerning the eyes, you can do this as well. You can use a very light eyeshadow if you use any.
To wear off a lack of foundation makeup, use baby powder to lighten your skin softly.
Finish with touching off the look of your eyes with dark lipstick, and defining your lips with a lip liner around the edges.

There is one last thing to think about: Remember, if you love the gothic look, you don't have to wear a full mask of makeup everyday to honor the look.
Instead, you can apply just your eye makeup. Don't apply a white mask of foundation to create the look.
Instead, use darker and more defined eye makeup to contrast your face.
Keep in mind all of these gothic eye makeup tips should be modified to fit your look of course!