Gothic Make up
Look through here if you take a great interest in Gothic and ready for something dark, mysterious and left of center. Find out some make-up suggestions, tips and essentials to look totally different from everyone around you!
gothic_face_makeupGothic Make Up
If you are ready for something dark and left of center, let’s make the gothic look… It became popular among young people in the nineties, and has held its popularity for years, becoming a full fledged subculture.  Members of this underground group can be found clad mainly in black and gothic make up follows suit.  The look of the “gothghotic_eye_makeup is dark and mysterious. The most important idea behind the gothic look is to look totally different from everyone around you.
For gothic makeup the main color palette is black, deep red and dark shades of purple and blue.  Nevertheless, despite the fixation with darkness, the perfect base for gothic make up is a pale one.  For gothic look use white powder or regular cosmetic powder that is several shades lighter than the regular skin color to pull off the pale look.  gothic makeup_ideaTo give the face a sunken look, to the cheek bones often is applied a dark powder.  The eyes are an area to have fun with when it comes to gothic make up.  Use a black liquid eye liner to make an extremely bold eye that compliments the gothic look best. If you don’t like a liquid, try a glossy pencil liner; most importantly, the eyeliner should be heavy, bold and thick.  Line the edges of they eye out for a catlike look.  Don’t be afraid to add a little bit of color, just keep it dark. Finally, top everything off with a full set of fake lashes. 
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