Geisha Girl Makeup
Chech all the instructions you need to become a Geisha Girl for Halloween or just to see what you would look like as a Geisha Girl!
Geisha Girl Makeup

 Cleanse face.
 Apply your favorite moisturizer. It also allows the foundation to go on smoothly. Try this once without and you will see the difference.

 Apply foundation. Choose something as pale as you can possibly wear. Consider ivory. Complete with a layer of powder with a reflective quality with a little help from a cosmetic sponge.
 Apply rouge/blush in a shade of silvery pink on the fullest part of your cheeks. You have to mix a few of your own blushes to get this color, but that is half the fun.

 You might have to change the shape of your brows, so here is what you need to do. Brows should be thin and straight and that can be easily done with a little help from a bar of soap, a little eyebrow wax, followed by a sealer.

Let to dry and then paint over the brow with foundation. It should completely cover the "old brows". The new brows can now be drawn into place. Look for basically a straight line that rises gently as you approach the outer corner of the eye.

 Line every inch of your eyes... thickly and then smudge into the lash line.

 Apply a silvery shade of shadow that contains just a hint of blue on lid and continue until you reach the brow. Consider to blend well so that you cannot see where the color has started and where it has ended.

 Curl lashes and then apply three coats of mascara, top and bottom.

 Apply foundation to lips. It helps the lipstick to adhere to the lips.

 Apply lipstick with a lipstick brush; not only does this enable you to use less lipstick; you won't miss sections that often occur when using lipstick straight from the tube.

If you’ve never noticed, try it and see. Suddenly you have pout lips that you didn't know that you owned. For such a particular look, apply a deep cherry red.