Fascinating Geisha Makeup
The Geisha makeup of the Japanese is a fascinating one. Endeavour to create this oriental look with a few simple steps.
Fascinating Geisha Makeup

Geisha Make Up: Things you will need
1. White liquid foundation
2. White loose powder
3. Black eye shadow
4. Black/brown liquid eye liner
5. Black eye liner pencil
6. Black eye brow pencil
7. Black mascara
8. Dark red lipstick
9. Brow wax
10. Spirit gum
11. Sealer
12. Lip gloss
How to Apply Geisha Makeup
1. Cover your eye brows using the brow wax, spirit gum and adhesive sealer.

2. Apply a generous amount of white foundation to the centre of your face and blend them out evenly down your neck and where necessary.

3. Set your foundation with the white loose powder.

4. Pull your eye to a taunt and apply a thick line to your upper eye rim and ‘wing’ your eyes at the outer corner dramatically.

5. Apply your black eye pencil to your lower eye rim.

6. You further contour the eyes with your black eye shadow and extend the line at the inner and outer corners of your eyes.

7. Draw your eye brows with a dramatic stroke using your black eye brow pencil;
There is no arch in a Geisha eye brow and it is drawn significantly above your natural brow.

8. Further define your eye brows with the black liquid eye liner.

9. Lips - create a small heart shape mouth with your lip brush by drawing inside your natural lip line and filling it up with a bright red lipstick color.

10. Apply your shimmering lip gloss to the centre of your top and bottom lips.