Creating Emo Make up
There is a certain stereotype which is connected with the emo make up look but here are a few more ideas which differenciate from the common black eyes and red lips.
Creating Emo Make up

Applying Emo Make up
If you want to achieve an authentic emo look you will need more that just a tube of extra-black mascara and a dark eyeliner pencil. You can still use these two items however you shouldn't completely avoid bold colors. Instead they can be used in order to create a smokey eye look, also you can dust them subtly onto your cheekbones or accentuate the color of your lips. Look through a few recommendations which can help you differenciate the emo look from the everyday make up:

The basic and essential tools for creating emo make up look are black eyeliner and mascara and black or gray eye shadow. This make up style is inherently dramatic but if you use a light hand in applying eye make up you can tone the look down a little bit.

Emo Makeup Color Ideas
It is obvious that black is the main color in the emo make up but you will also need some other tools:

* Lash Mascara: it should be intensely dark, add volume and create dramatic lashes that mirror the effect of false lashes.

*  Eye Shadow: Look for the black tied, this can be a midnight hue with silver sparkles or a pearlsccent silver- gray.

* Liquid Liner: Give the preference to the long lasting formula.

It is also important to add color to your face but it should be subdued because your eyes are the focal point of the look.

* Try to create a flawless, smooth and a bit pale skin but don't overdo because you may look like a ghost.

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