Cover Girl Make up
Learn more about cover girls as well known branches of the modeling industry, find out about the most successful manufacturers of cosmetics, and find lots of useful tips and advice how to choose and apply Cover Girl makeup.

Cover Girl Makeup
One of the most well known branches of the modeling industry is the cover girls. The cover girls represent a group of models whom acquire their fame by appearing in magazines, commercials, and ads for Cover Girl makeup. Becoming one of the most successful manufacturers of cosmetics, Cover Girl is in constant need of new and fresh faces to appear under their name.

 To be a model that becomes one of the selected cover girls to represent Cover Girl cosmetics is an honor. Carefully selected are the women chosen to appear in magazines and commercials, based on many different characteristics and aspects. To become one of these cover girls is not easy task, but for models striving to achieve such highly appreciated position, there are certain guidelines that can be followed to help in this effort.

A suitable physical appearance is the first thing that is required of cover girls. Typically every model has a suitable appearance in order to remain in their given profession.
Cover girls are selected based on different aspects of beauty, instead of typical high fashion models which are primarily suitable for runway modeling. The Cover Girl foundation enforces the “commercial” look.