Creating Mime Make up
Do you want to try to be a mime and don't know how to apply mime make up properly? Here you will clear up how to create a mime look.
Creating Mime Make up

It is very easy to achieve the mime look. First of all you need to prepare all the mime accessories such as red and white striped shirts and suspenders  and the red hat to liven up your look. But the most important thing in creating the mime look is the apropriate face painting.

mime_makeup_1Preparing Face for Mime Make up
It should be mentioned that mime make up is considered as the easiest stage make up. But in spite of this you should go slowly and surely while applying mime make up on your face. It can be harder to correct mime face paint that's why it is crucial to put enough care into it and also have some spare time in case if something goes wrong in the application.  As the make up is completed you should allow it to settle for nearly 30 minutes.

Applying Mime Make up
Browse through some mime make up instructions which can help you make the mime look more interesting:

1. Apply make up on clean face
Before you start to apply your make up the face should be clean and dry. It will be also useful to apply some moisturizer so that the cake make up or grease paint base could spread easily onto the surface of your skin. Don't forget to pull your hair back up, your face should be neat.

2. Use the white base
In creating the mime face you should apply a lot of white canvas which need to be highlighted with contrast facial expressions. This step is crucial in applying mime make up. It is possible to choose water-based cake make up or you can give the preference to the regular grease-based clown white make up. The base can be applied with your fingers or a good brush.

Begin by outlining your face in white and then draw a line at the jaw and continue it up around your cheeks so that it could finish up at about an inch from your forehead hairline. 

mime_makeup_23. Put on powder
If you decide to apply grease make up powdering is the next step for you. You need to powder your face lightly to eliminate the sticky feel.

4. Create red and black marks on your face
Once the make up base is applied you can put on the mime markings. For this purpose you can use a black liner for the eyebrows and apply a more dramatic layer right above it. Use grease pencil for your face and charcoal pencils for the area around your eyes. Then you should outline your eyes and lips and fill your lips with red lipstick.

5. Finish up with powder
You should wait until the markings and the lipstick dry out and after that put on a layer of powder. It is better to apply it with a powder puff or brush in order not to disturb the lines.

The way you paint your face has a huge impact on the character which you want to achieve and of course on your future performance. You should try to be creative and practice a lot. These recommendations on how to apply the mime make up can help you give the performance of your life!