Clown Makeup Application
Look at our great clown makeup tips and some make-up design ideas! Define what type of clown you are and create your amazement image!
Clown Makeup Application

  Want to be a clown or any other type of character that uses make-up? Use the following instructions that will help you look your best! Surely, to be real good it takes practice, so you might want to try this at least once before the big night/party.
Good Luck and Have Fun!
For a start, there are two different types of make-up sold in the stores. Water base make-up is one type, but stay away from it. When you sweat it will run right off your face. Oil base make-up is the other kind. After a long, hot, endurance race my make-up still looks great!
List of the things you will need for a professional look:
1. Make-up (oil base): get the colors you plan on using. You should use white, black, blue, red, and my favorite colors, orange and yellow.
2. Baby powder: any brand seems to work well.
3. Q-tips, also known as cotton swabs. It is recommend the Q-tip brand for the best results.
4. Two make-up brushes: the brclown makeupushes you really need are a big soft brush to apply the baby powder and a small fine brush for the outline detail.
5. Cooking oil: this is for removing your make-up at the end of the day. Use whatever you have in the kitchen, you won't need much so. Any type of cooking oil will work.

Well, you have the supplies, and it's time to decide on what type of clown you are going to be and what make-up design you will create. Choose your own clown type. Define what type of Clown you are. For example, an Auguste Clown, a Hobo Clown or a Character Clown.
So, you have everything; you've decided on the clown type and face,
here we go!

These steps are to become the fastest Clown.
You can modify them to just about any clown face if you choose.
Step 1. Wash your face. Make sure it's clean and free of oil. Use headband to pull your hair back. 
Step 2. Apply the base coat of clown white with your fingertip. Try to keep it thin, just enough to cover the color of your skin. The design may be roughly. You will make the edges clean after you add the colors. Make sure, oil base make-up and be careful around the eyes!

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