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One of the things that make some great occasion or holiday really great is that you can dress up as any fantasy you want and have your persona excepted; also want your makeup looks appropriate for every situation and looks fabulous.
Thus, consider the realistic makeup and costumes require special materials, knowledge and talent to create, and are both an art and a science.   
Especially if it the holiday season, which often means invitations to many kinds of gatherings — including a black-tie gala, drinks with close friends and so on.
The most popular holiday is Halloween, as the one day a year where almost anything goes so exercise your chance to live out a fantasy, to be as sexy, spooky or silly as you want to be.
You can transform into vampire image, bumping into a zombie or witch, plunge into Gothic atmosphere, find out that the traditional make-up of the geisha appearance, and about more other characters.

Cleopatra Make up
Look through here to learn about how to get the Cleopatra’s look and get some work experience. Find instructional guide for makeup applying to have fantastic make-up and be able transform into an Egyptian queen!

Clown Make up
Check us out to learn about how to design your clown face and look for some make-up design ideas. Find the peculiar make-up essentials how to get a great looking clowns image and list of the things you will need for a professional look!

Cover Girl Make up
Learn more about cover girls as well known branches of the modeling industry, find out about the most successful manufacturers of cosmetics, and find lots of useful tips and advice how to choose and apply Cover Girl makeup.

Geisha Make up
Here you can find out about the art of geisha make-up and original applying techniques. Learn about the traditional make-up of the apprentice geisha, test in practice useful tips and become one of most recognizable and astonishing characters!

Gothic Make up
Look through here if you take a great interest in Gothic and ready for something dark, mysterious and left of center. Find out some make-up suggestions, tips and essentials to look totally different from everyone around you!

Halloween Make up
Check out our great find for original Halloween Make-up ideas, overall tips and general applying make-up essentials, which are great to transform yourself into a favorite creature or character!

Wedding Make up
Find a few tips that will ensure you look picture perfect when walking down the isle to say "I-do"! And other wedding general keys for helping you create a beautiful look that you will treasure in your wedding photographs for years to come

5 Ideas for the Prom Makeup
Here are some interesting ideas and tips for creating Prom makeup. Look through these beauty make up ideas and you will find useful advice which can help you to keep your make up fresh during the day.
Creating Emo Make up
There is a certain stereotype which is connected with the emo make up look but here are a few more ideas which differenciate from the common black eyes and red lips.
Madonna's Makeup
Browse through these useful steps which can help you to achieve the Madonna’s look. Learn these tricks and they will help you to apply your make up correctly.
Make up for Special Occasions
Here you can look through useful make up tips for special occasions. Discover how to apply make up correctly for the hen party, blind date and wedding anniversary.
Make-up for Valentine’s Day
It is very important to be attractive and charming on Valentine’s Day. Read here some helpful advices about successful make-up for this romantic holiday.
Makeup for Graveyard Fairy
If you are getting for a Graveyard Fairy browse through these useful tricks which can help you create your make up correctly.
Makeup of the 1930's
Here you can find useful tips for make up of the 1930’s. Browse through the creative ideas and get to know how to apply it correct.
Marie Antoinette Look
If you want to appear at the costume party as Marie Antoinette and you don't know how to apply make up correctly browse through these useful steps which can help you achieve the Marie Antoinette look.
Marilyn Monroe Make up
If you want to revive the classic make up look, a Marilyn Monroe make up will definitely bring to life the classic Hollywood glamour in you.
Mermaid Makeup
Here you can find useful tips how to create the make up for underwater beauty. Learn several easy tricks of doing mermaid makeup; follow them step-by-step to do it correctly.
Office Makeup
Browse through these useful steps which can help you to apply your office makeup correctly. Learn these tricks and get to know which will help in case of any occasion.
Party Makeup
Here you will find some useful information how to create your party or just going out on the town make up. Find some interesting tricks which help you safe your make up freshly for a long time.
Prom Makeup
Here you can find useful information how to make your Prom Make up in home conditions. Read useful recommendations which can help you apply your make up correctly.
Renaissance Woman Make up
If you are getting ready for a Renaissance Fair or Festival browse through these useful tricks and techniques which can help you apply your make up correctly and achieve the look of a Renaissance woman.
Temptress Make up
Get to know how to create a temptress look with the help of special make up tricks.